Parking guidance system (PGS)

Signal-Park offers detection and real time signaling of free parking spaces. Thanks to our dynamic displays permitting customers to easily locate parking spaces in a stress-free manner, the circulation is smoother from the parking’s entrance through to them finding a space.

How does the parking guidance system work?

Schick Electronic - Detectors

1. Detection

A detector is installed above each parking place. Developed specifically for guidance purposes, it constantly checks the presence of a vehicle and transmits the situation to the WinSP software.

Schick Electronic - Software

2. WinSP software

WinSP provides real time reporting, statistics for individual parking spaces and the status for each of the SP components, ensuring an efficient management of the car park.

Schick Electronic - Signs

3. Indication

Thanks to the information supplied by the software, the dynamic displays located at strategic points of the car park provide, in real time, the required information to guide customers to an aisle with free spaces.